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A Rant About the Overuse of Frozend

I wanna start this post by saying this is nothing against its subject matter or the company that made it. So yesterday at work, I was walking back to the backstage area, and I heard a trumpet being played somewhere near there, having a second to understand what the song was, I proceeded to shake my head at the sound. Whoever was on trumpet was teaching themself how to play ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing Frozen, once. For a movie that came out in November, it’s still receiving way too much hype from every girl ranging from ages 5-25. I get it, the songs are short little tunes that once in your head are impossible to get out, but they don’t have to be played out the wazoo. Frozen is not the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was entertaining, but no more than the past few Disney films. Considering every rental company that’s come through my workplace has had people dance to something from Frozen, I’m about ready to rip my hair out in frustration. Okay, rant over. Bring it on.

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